Canyon Falls Letterbox

Terrain: Easy
Difficulty: Easy
Placed: July 11, 2003
Replaced: August 16, 2006*
By: The Dragon
Location: Baraga County, MI
Nearest town: Alberta, MI

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Trail end.
View falls.
Head back.
Bench to left.
Tree with roots showing on left.
First boardwalk.
Second boardwalk.
Large rock on right.
Third boardwalk (with hump).
Fourth boardwalk.
Little falls.
Bench to right.
Large rock left.
Stone obelisk.
Up and down.
(No, only a root! Whew!)
Fifth boardwalk.
Sixth boardwalk.
Seventh boardwalk (with rails)*
Bench on the left.
Eighth boardwalk.
Last board.
Right 15 paces to giant log.
(Lying parallel to the board - perpendicular to the boardwalk)
Crevice in the top of the giant log.
Under a fallen tree** and leaves and twigs


*With thanks to Wandering Melee for replacing the box!

**I had a report that a tree fell on the hiding location hiding the box even better.

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